Trump Goes on Media Tirade: Praises WSJ Editorial, Trashes CNN, Lauds Fox News

President Donald Trump took to Twitter early Saturday evening to share his thoughts on three major U.S. media outlets.

The mini-tweetstorm started with the president commenting on the state of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, of which he just named Office of Management and Budget Director Mick Mulvaney to be the acting head of:

Calling the bureau a “total disaster,” the president continued by pointing to a recent editorial from The Wall Street Journal to back his claims:

Taking the mention of The Wall Street Journal and running with it, Trump then shifted his attention to his favorite Twitter punching bag: the media.

The next tweet saw Trump claiming that Fox News is “MUCH more important” than CNN, even going as far as to include CNN International in that claim. Lobbing the moniker “fake news” at the cable news network and its international counterpart, the president opined that neither outlet presented the U.S. to the rest of the world in a particularly favorable light:

Rounding out the tweetstorm was a retweet from an account named “MAGA PILL” that purports to be “THE President Donald Trump Accomplishment List Website.”

Clicking on the link provided in the tweet, however, directs the user to an error page.

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