Trump May Have Backed Off ‘Jail Hillary’ Comments — But Her Troubles Aren’t Over If Darrell Issa Gets His Way

Many Americans were dismayed when, after noting from the debate stage that he thought Hillary Clinton ought to be in jail, President-elect Donald Trump said that he did not plan to open any new investigations into Clinton’s emails.

But as a few people pointed out, Trump may not actually need to begin any new investigations into Clinton — she is still connected to or the subject of a few open investigations.

And one noted that really, all Trump would have to do is refrain from obstructing the Justice Dept:

Congressman Darrell Issa joined “Fox and Friends” on Friday to reassure Americans that it’s not over.

Echoing the sentiments of others on social media, Issa suggested that — as president — Trump might simply get out of the way and allow the other branches of government free reign to “do their jobs.”

What do you think?

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