Trump Trashes ‘Dishonest,’ ‘Dirty’ ABC News Poll — My, How Times Have Changed…

Donald Trump loves polls. Donald Trump hates polls. Those statements are both true. Depending on the results of the poll in question, that is.

Case in point: According to a Washington Post/ABC News poll released on Sunday, Hillary Clinton now leads The Donald by double digits:

And The Donald’s response?

My, how times have changed. Here’s what The Donald thought about WaPo/ABC polling during the primaries, and late last year:

So, which is it? Apparently both.

Polls are “dishonest” and “dirty” when the results aren’t favorable, but “good” and “phenomenal” when they are.

Lest ABC News and The Washington Post feel like they’re being unfairly singled out, The Donald tweeted this about CNN on Monday — despite having appeared on the network dozens of times:

Depending on the results of the upcoming election, The Donald’s reading and viewing choices may become somewhat limited.

What do you think?

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