Prototypes for President Trump’s Wall Can’t Even Stand Up to a Common Saw

Wait, what?

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After hearing about it constantly for years, we still aren’t any more sure that Donald Trump is going to get his border wall. We seem to be at the moment of truth with Trump rumored to be considering declaring a national emergency to try to push through the funding, but that tactic seems sure to get axed as unconstitutional in the courts.

Most Democrats argue that a wall wouldn’t work even if Trump did get the money he wants for it (he’s asking for around $5.7 billion). In response, Trump and his surrogates have become addicted to offering anecdotal evidence, phrases like rich politicians have walls around their houses so walls must work or, sometimes, if he’s feeling religious, the Vatican has a wall to protect the Pope.

Trump even trotted out border agents to the press during a surprise White House briefing, and the agents told the gathered reporters that walls work.

But recently, we got another bit of evidence that maybe walls don’t work. NBC News obtained a photo of tests that showed the results of a saw on a prototype of the “steel slat” wall that Trump has been advocating for, and it looked rather dismal.

And these weren’t military-grade saws — the outlet reported that “personnel were instructed to attempt to destroy the barriers with common tools.”

Trump has decided to say that Democrats actually asked for the steel barrier.

“At the request of Democrats, it will be a steel barrier rather than a concrete wall,” he said during his address to the nation Tuesday night.

But there’s no evidence that Democrats ever asked for a steel barrier instead of a concrete wall. Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) hinted in her recent address that she would be open to more infrastructure and technology on the border, but she’s said repeatedly that the wall is off the negotiating table.

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What part of “prototype” is unclear?


It was NBC who rigged Chevy truck gas tanks with model rocket engines to show they would blow up in a side impact collision…with some help from igniting the rocket prior to impact’

They also rigged Ford Windstar vans by cutting out the rear axle trailing arms and replacing them with wooden 2×4’s with an M80 strapped to them. The M80 would explode, break the 2×4, and the van would go out of control. Makes for great TV until they get caught!!! NBC=TV tabloid fake news ‘


Phoenix and Soft in the head, how stupid of you to get sucked into NBC’s rhetoric. You can clearly see these are proto type walls and in NO WAY indicates the structure that eventually would be used. I can see you are truly suckers for fake news ploys!

If you saw pictures in the past of the prototypeS (capital S) there was more than one steel sample contrary to what Jay Yarow wants you to believe by his statement “test of THE steel prototype…….”

Keep us amused with your comments!


Which is why this wall, no matter what its made of, is going to be an ongoing expense of maintence and that will forever be just a temporary deterrent.

Phyllis Softa

Well, that can’t be good news. So, are we on countdown to a twitter rant of “FAKE NEWS. Don’t believe what you see and hear The truth isn’t the truth” ?

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