Tucker Carlson’s On-Air Blitz of Newsweek Writer Over Unfounded Trump Claim Leads to Total Meltdown

Fox News host Tucker Carlson battled Newsweek writer Kurt Eichenwald Thursday night over an unproven claim that President-elect Donald Trump was in a mental hospital in 1990.

Within minutes, the interview took a bizarre turn — and it never got back on track.

Carlson began by grilling Eichenwald on some of his partisan tweets and questioned why he presents himself as a journalist, or “senior writer,” when he is clearly an “advocate.”

After some bickering, Eichenwald then held up a binder that was labeled “Tucker Carlson Falsehoods,” something he would do several times throughout the interview.

Image Credit: Fox News

Carlson repeatedly asked his guest to definitely say whether he had evidence that Trump was in a mental hospital, but he never got a direct answer. At one point, Eichenwald actually accused Carlson of trying to prevent him from providing an answer.

“This is a little nutty,” Carlson admitted of the discussion.

The most revealing response that Carlson got was the following gem:

“Reality is not always able to give a yes or no answer.”

Shortly thereafter, Eichenwald whipped out his binder again. He never read anything from it, however.

Image Credit: Fox News

Visibly stunned, Carlson ultimately told Eichenwald that he was “concerned about your behavior on this show tonight.”

To be honest, the interview is hard to recap in words. You should probably just watch the entire thing for yourself.

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