Tucker Carlson Takes on ‘Not My President’ Protester–Nails Him with One Embarrassing Question

On Monday, thousands of people in several cities across the country took part in  “Not My Presidents Day” protests against Donald Trump.

The protests were in major cities across the country. They account for the latest protests in a list of organized events by groups trying to stop Trump’s agenda.

Getty Images/Scott Olson

Fox News’ Tucker Carlson talked to one of the Los Angeles protesters, Shane Saunders, about what he had hoped to accomplish by hitting the streets.

During the conversation, Saunders discussed how many people were protesting to stop Trump’s agenda, and part of his cause for action, as a gay man, is because of things he’s heard Trump might do to gays.

When pressed, he wasn’t able to cite any examples, but eventually, an exasperated Saunders offered:

“Honestly, I feel as if Trump’s not the president, either, and it’s very well known, you know, if you look at his cabinet choices and his potential for re-election.

And that’s when Carlson asked the question that stopped Saunders:

[gif_wrapper url=https://cdn1.ijr.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/02/carlson-president-day-2.gif width=’100%’ ar=0.54193548387097 background=https://cdn1.ijr.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/02/carlson-president-day-2.gif]

Image credit: Independent Journal Review

Carlson asked:

“Donald Trump’s not the president? Why do you protest him, then?”

Saunders gamely answered:

“Because he is on that platform to speak for said presidency.”

But Carlson asked a follow up:

“Who’s the real president?”

Check out the video for the answer to that one.

Carlson wrapped up the interview in a surprising way, as he told Saunders, “I’m making the mistake of taking you seriously,” which Carlson promised would never happen again.

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