‘Twilight’ Actress’s New Ad Has Vulgar, and Not So Hidden, Message for Trump: ‘C U Next Tuesday’

Editor’s note: This post contains explicit language which may offend some readers.

The rhetoric during the 2016 presidential election has been ratcheted up to a level like never before.

Charges of racism and sexism are lobbed almost daily, while both of the primary presidential candidates have faced accusations of close ties to sexual abuse.

That level of harsh rhetoric is clearly echoed in a new “Humanity for Hillary” ad featuring actress Nikki Reed, in which she takes a none-too-subtle jab at the GOP nominee:

In the video, Reed — who may be best known for her role in the “Twilight” films — opens by presenting the election as a choice between the “powerful, experienced, highly qualified” Hillary Clinton, or “a candidate who reminds us of the worst men in our lives.”

Referencing the criticism Donald Trump has faced over his treatment of women, Reed goes on to say how such men have tried to block the rise of powerful women by calling them things like “b*tches, ball breakers, gold diggers, wh*res, sl*ts,” and “fat pigs.”

It’s in her final message, however, where she really takes off the gloves:

“To Donald Trump, and to every man like Donald Trump — who grabbed us, blocked us, who called us fat, unqualified, stupid, ugly, and a c*nt — We have one thing to say.

C. U. Next Tuesday.

Can you spell? Good.”

Next Tuesday, November 8th, is, of course, Election Day — though it’s pretty clear Reed was referring to more than that.

The ad mirrors a tweet recently sent out by Texas agriculture official Sid Miller:

Miller — a vocal Trump supporter — became the focus of controversy in early November when a message that was sent from his account “called Hillary Clinton the c-word.”

While it was quickly deleted, Miller has since apologized and said that his campaign had “inadvertently retweeted” the message and “were not aware [it] contained a derogatory term.”

Whatever the case, it seems clear that, with mere days until the election, supporters on both sides are pulling out all the stops — including using the kind of language that most people would never dream of uttering in public.

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