Upcoming Ronald Reagan Documentary Is Promising a Personal Twist That His Fans Will Love

While both Ronald and Nancy Reagan have passed away, fans will soon have an opportunity to catch an intimate glimpse inside their life in a new documentary.

To be clear, this is not the same film on Reagan’s Alzheimer’s disease that originally featured Will Ferrell, a project which the actor abandoned amid outcry against it from the Reagan family.

According to Variety, this new documentary will be produced by their daughter, Patti Davis, and will feature a very important videographer.

It will include home videos filmed by Reagan himself in the 50s and 60s, revealing snapshots of their family vacations, ranch visits, birthday parties, visits to California beaches and more.

Variety writes:

Davis brands the period covered by the footage as “before the world moved in” when the Reagans lived in the suburban enclave of Pacific Palisades on Amalfi Drive and later San Onofre Drive. The footage includes Reagan’s wife Nancy and children Patti and Ron in private moments, as well as performing for the cameras in G.E.’s multitude of promotional vignettes for the “electric house” that G.E. built for the Reagans.

The producers explain:

“This is an honest, loving and truly behind-the-scenes invitation into the Reagans’ lifestyle in a simpler time prior to their being cloistered by Secret Service and White House gates.”

Beginning his acting career in 1937, Reagan’s life was largely spent in the limelight. His love affair with second wife Nancy is preserved through countless photos:

“If either of us ever left [the] room, we both felt lonely. People don’t always believe this, but it’s true. Filling…

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There’s always time to share a private moment.

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It’s always hard to say goodbye.

Posted by The Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation and Institute on Monday, November 17, 2014

Private footage of their lives before Reagan became governor of California in 1967 will be released for the first time this year.

The unnamed documentary is slated to be first shown at the Toronto Film Festival, which runs from September 8-18.

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