USA Volleyball Star Makes Comment about “Having Babies” That’s Pretty Ballsy in This Day and Age

Four years ago, when her feet hit the sand for her third gold medal beach volleyball match in London, Kerri Walsh Jennings knew she was pregnant. She and her long-time teammate Misty May-Treanor battled to gold anyway, defeating another American duo in the final.

In Rio, Brazil, Walsh Jennings returned with new teammate April Ross (one-half of the 2012 silver-medal pair that Walsh Jennings and May-Treanor bested in London).

She says that her inspiration is her family, at home watching and waiting for her to come home with gold:

“Before I had more kids, I was like, this feels trivial. I’d been playing for so long, and I was like I need balance. All my eggs are in this one basket and it’s very self-centered and self-focused.

They gave me that perspective and balance I thought I was missing. It took my game and my desire and my passion for life to the next level. I am hugely indebted to my children.”

And in a pre-game interview with NBC, Walsh Jennings doubled down, saying that family wasn’t just her support system — it was a reason for living in itself:

She also added the following comment that struck a few nerves:

“I feel like I was born to have babies and play volleyball.”

There were those who took issue with her comments — and with NBC for running them:

But most just found it impressive that Walsh Jennings was able to perform at such a high level while pregnant in the first place:

And a few thought her comment just proved she was as tough as nails:

Walsh Jennings and Ross won their first match against Australia straight sets on Saturday night.

Walsh Jennings says she’s not finished – with her career or her family: “I’d love to win a fourth gold medal. I’d love to have a fourth baby.”

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