Valerie Jarrett Wants America to Know She’s Not Running for Office, She’s More Interested in ‘Training’ the Next Obama

Since Hillary Clinton’s 2016 loss at the hands of President Trump, the Democrat Party has been struggling to find its new leader.

Even over the course of the campaign season, clashes between Clinton supporters and those of one-time rival candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) exposed a very real fracture among Democrats — one that party leaders are still struggling to mend.

On Thursday, during an interview with “Morning Joe” cohost Mika Brzezinski, longtime Obama senior adviser Valerie Jarrett made it clear that there are at least two more popular Democrats whose names can be removed from that list of America’s next potential president.

After a short discussion about how “rough” it was to watch Trump’s election night victory unfold, Brzezinski put the big question to former White House adviser plainly, asking:

“Is it possible to have an impact post-White House and is there a political future for you?”

When Jarrett seemingly brushed the question aside, instead, saying she’d like to focus on helping the “next generation” of “young people” run for office, Brzezinski then asked about Jarrett’s “friend Michelle” Obama.

Though her response might be a tough blow for any Democrats hoping to see another Obama in the White House sometime soon, it earned a hearty laugh from Brzezinski:

Image Credit: Screenshot/MSNBC

As Jarrett said:

“I don’t think that would be fruitful …

I will encourage her to be a force for good, she doesn’t need much encouragement for that, obviously she was an extraordinary first lady, but I don’t think she really wants to run for office.”

Brzezinski wasn’t quite done with the topic yet, though.

Shortly afterward, she asked Jarrett if she could do her a “favor”:

“Could you ask President Obama something for me? Could he come back and save the party? And tell them what to do?”

In response, Jarrett said the former commander-in-chief is instead committed to finding the next “Obama 2.0”

See Jarrett’s full “Morning Joe” interview, including what it was like in the Obama White House when it became clear that Trump had won — a moment she described as “gut-wrenching”:

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