Veteran Congressman Calls on Trump to Leave Troops In Syria Following Car Bombing That Killed Americans

Air Force veteran and Congressman Adam Kinzinger (R-Ill.) called on President Donald Trump to reconsider removing of troops from Syria after reports claimed that American soldiers were among those who died in a recent car bombing.

According to the Washington Post, the Islamic State took credit for the suicide bombing that may have killed as many as four American soldiers, injuring three others.

Despite the attack, Vice President Mike Pence claimed that nothing had changed for the American withdrawal from Syria.

“We are bringing our troops home,” said Pence. “The caliphate has crumbled, and ISIS has been defeated.”

Kinzinger told CNN that he sees the bombing today as proof that ISIS is not defeated, despite U.S. forces taking back nearly all of their controlled land. The congressman said that this bombing, followed by a withdrawal by the United States, could be used to radicalize and recruit new terrorists.


“Our prayers go to the families that are sitting by for this and pending notification. This is the mess of war — a fallen world, terrorists. This is why people sign up to go destroy the people that would do stuff like this. And I think the message from this is we may have liberated territory that ISIS held, but ISIS and terrorism and radical Jihadism is an idea that if you retreat from it, it will grow. You have to stay on the offensive militarily and you also have to stay on the offensive on ideas. You have to win the next generation of Muslims basically to understand that this is wrong so they can reject it within their own religion.”

Kinzinger claimed that pulling out will allow ISIS to control the narrative in Syria and allow for their radical ideas to take hold again.

“Retreating from a fight against ISIS is only gonna send the wrong message and frankly, pour fuel on the recruiting efforts of ISIS,” explained Kinzinger.

He also noted that while he understands that the president wants to prevent more American deaths abroad, he fears that withdrawing from Syria could result in terrorism growing and bringing the fight to the U.S.

“It’s not our choice whether or not to fight terrorism. That’s decided for us,” said Kinzinger. “Our choice is where we fight them and I’d much rather fight them in Syria, Afghanistan, and Iraq than right here at home.”

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