Noted Feminist Camille Paglia Unleashes on Hillary Clinton with a Tongue Lashing For the Ages

Self-described feminist Camille Paglia joined Nick Gillespie on Reason TV to discuss the media, millennials, and even Hillary Clinton. The latter inspired an epic rant against the former Secretary of State, who is expected to run for President in 2016:

“Hillary is a mess, okay? We’re going to reward with the presidency a woman who has enabled [Bill Clinton]; the depredations and the exploitation of women by that cornpone husband of hers?”

Camille’s criticism of Hillary Clinton is an oft-cited issue. Many attribute her acceptance of Bill’s past behavior and sexual exploits as politically, rather than principally, motivated:

“In fact the way that feminists have made themselves blind to Hillary’s record of trashing, you know, they were gonna destroy Monica Lewinsky, I mean it’s a scandal!

Anyone who believes in sexual harassment guidelines should have seen the disparity in power between Clinton and Monica Lewinsky. It was one of the most grotesque, ever! I mean, the history of sex crime! He’s a sex criminal!

Hillary has ridden on his coattails!”

Paglia is not the only feminist who feels this way about Hillary Clinton potentially seizing the office of President of the United States.

Despite Paglia’s comments on the former president’s history of affairs, Bill Clinton has never been convicted of a sex crime. Also, most of his relationships, while adulterous, appear to be mutual.

Not all feminists have issues with Hillary Clinton. In fact, she has many supporters in the movement. The Campus Communications Associate of the Feminist Campus, Taylor Kuether, says a woman president like Hillary Clinton is a great idea:

“I think we’d finally put to rest the tired, drawn-out arguments over birth control, abortion access, the wage gap, etc. A woman in charge would recognize that those obstacles have an easy answer (simply, grant women equality!) and would then devote her time to solving much larger issues, like the state of the economy or U.S. foreign policy.”

About Clinton specifically, Kuether added:

“If she runs, she’ll have the support of every feminist in the world. That’s powerful.”

Hillary Clinton has made women’s rights a big part of her rhetoric, and embraced the concept of feminism, perhaps to draw in this specific group of voter. But, it still might be an uphill battle to win these women over.

Editor’s Note: IJReview editor Katrina Jørgensen contributed to this piece.

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