When Hannity Asked the CPAC Crowd Who the Worst News Channel Was, Everyone Shouted the Same Thing in Unison

During taping for his show at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), Fox News host Sean Hannity, an avid Trump supporter, decided to have little fun with the crowd — at the expense of a competitor.

As he railed against “the lying corrupt media that never vetted Obama,” and “the lying liberal media that never told you the truth about Hillary,” Hannity turned his attention to WikiLeaks and “a media colluding with the [Clinton] campaign to try to undermine then-candidate Donald Trump.”

After multiple shouts of “Fake News!”, Hannity egged on the crowd:

“Of all the media outlets, which one was the worst?”

“CNN!”, the fired up crowd shouted, in unison.

Hannity said it’s not just the media and the Democrats who are “against our president,” but “weak Republicans,” as well.

“The media is against our president. We have Democrats against the president. We have freaky weird snowflakes against the president. And we even have weak Republicans against the president.”

After ticking through a list of everything Trump’s “gonna do” as president, he admonished the crowd:

“He’s gonna need every one of you in this room to stay engaged, to fight, to help, to call, and to be active in the process. Are you all willing to do that?”

Hannity took a lot of flak throughout the campaign over his unabashed support for Trump. Whether one agrees with the criticism or not, unlike some, at least he’s been honest about it from the beginning.

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