While DC Argued About Russians, a Slain American Hero Was Honored in Manner Deserving of His Sacrifice

Most of the news on Friday was dominated by Republicans and Democrats trading allegations about ties to Russian officials. On the opposite side of the nation, an event worthy of national media attention was taking place.

Whittier Officer Keith Boyer, who was killed in the line of duty in February, was laid to rest in a beautiful memorial ceremony in Downey, California — and it was fitting of his sacrifice.

The procession route for Officer Boyer was lined with American flags.

Screenshot/NBC Los Angeles

Patrol cars filled the streets in honor of their slain colleague.

Screenshot/NBC Los Angeles

The community also came out in support.

Screenshot/NBC Los Angeles

Officer Boyer got the respect he deserves during his funeral procession.

Hundreds of people showed up to pay their respects for the hero officer.

His children delivered the ultimate tribute to their father.

Boyer’s son revealed his father’s true character.

“I am extremely proud of my father and proud to see how many lives he touched. I hope I can be such a man one day and have such an amazing send off as my father’s had. I love you, dad, and I’m going to miss you,” Joseph Boyer said.

Officer Boyer’s service and sacrifice were recognized beyond Whittier.

His final resting place was lined with giant wreaths.

Screenshot/ABC 7

May we never forget.

Officer Boyer was gunned down in the line of duty while responding to a traffic accident. The man accused of killing him is a suspected gang member who was recently released on parole.

Boyer served as a police officer for over 40 years.

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