Why a Woman with Bipolar Disorder Replaced Her Gold Wedding Ring with a Silicone One

What is the significance of a wedding band?

To many, it signifies a public commitment to their spouse — by wearing the wedding ring they are effectively saying, “My heart is taken.”

To some, it symbolizes eternity, as the circular shape of the band, like the one pictured below, has no beginning and no end.

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For one woman, the wedding band took on a whole new meaning after she was diagnosed with bipolar disorder.

As a guest contributor on “Offbeat Home and Life,” the woman admits that last April she had a breakdown. She quit her “high-stress, well-paying job” and was subsequently diagnosed with bipolar disorder. “Unemployed and broken,” the woman felt as though the load that she had put upon her husband was too much for him to handle:

“I felt like a burden of a wife. I felt like I had pulled a terrible con on the man I loved; I thought that had he known how defective I was from the start, he would never have married me. I felt like a monster.”

The woman writes that her husband admitted that their life had become different than he had imagined, but he loved her anyway. On her good days and bad days, he loved her, vigorously and unconditionally. And he reminded her that, like their wedding bands, his love for her has no end:

“[He] did everything he could to make me understand that I was not alone. That whatever my life was going to be, he was going to live his right alongside me.”

Because of this, the woman decided to replace their wedding bands. Gone are the gold ones; in their place are bands made of silicone.

How my silicone wedding ring represents marriage as a whole

Posted by Offbeat Home on Monday, August 1, 2016

She explains her reasoning for replacing their wedding bands in her post:

“They are flexible, as we now know that we have to be every day in a marriage. They are comfortable, as marriage should be. And most importantly, they never have to leave our fingers, whether we are at work or at play, they can survive it all.

I still have my original gold wedding band, but my silicone ring now seems so much more of a real representation of marriage to me.”

The woman admits that the battle she’s fighting is one that she will be fighting for the rest of her life. But like the wedding band that remains on her finger, the love she and her husband share is unyielding. Just like the silicone bands, they can “survive it all.”

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