Wiki Bomb: DNC Wanted MSNBC to Bring the Hammer Down on 'F**king Joe' for 'Claiming the System Rigged'

Morning Joe
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The WikiLeaks bombs keep dropping 'fast and furious' — to borrow a term from the soon-to-be-departed Obama administration. In 'today's episode,' we find the DNC scheming to silence MSNBC's “Morning Joe” co-host, Joe Scarborough.

Or as the DNC calls him, “F*cking Joe.”

An email sent from DNC Communications Director Luis Miranda to DNC National Press Secretary Mark on May 18—near the end of the Democrat primaries—reads:

“F*cking Joe claiming the system is rigged, party against him [Bernie Sanders], we need to complain to their producer.”

At issue: Many Sanders fans — along with Donald Trump — complained that the system was rigged against the Vermont senator. Turns out they were right, by the way.

The DNC's comfort with complaining to MSNBC over Scarborough's 'bad behavior' illustrates the level of coziness between members of the DNC and the media.

Recent WikiLeaks revelations include acting DNC head Donna Brazile smuggling debate questions to Hillary Clinton, and CNN asking the DNC to provide questions to throw at Donald Trump and Ted Cruz during then-upcoming interviews.

Image Credit: Paul J. Richards/David McNew/Getty Images
Paul J. Richards/David McNew/Getty Images

Imagine the magnitude of the fallout if:

  • the Republican National Committee was caught complaining to a Fox News producer about comments made by its hosts
  • the RNC head, a Fox News contributor, was caught funneling debate questions to Donald Trump
  • Fox News was caught asking the RNC to provide questions for an interview with Hillary Clinton
  • the RNC enthusiastically provided those questions to Fox News

Liberal heads would explode throughout America, would they not? Of course they would.