UK Gambling Firms That Predicted a Brexit Victory are Back with a Startling Forecast About Trump

Donald Trump Campaigns In Golden, Colorado
Getty - Chip Somodevilla
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On Monday, Donald Trump told voters in North Carolina that Election Day will be a “Brexit, plus, plus, plus.”

As far as Brexit goes, when Britons voted to split apart from the European Union in June, the polls predicted that the U.K. would remain in the E.U. by a favorable margin. But the polls were wrong.

And one of the major issues at the center of it all was immigration, a hot button topic that Trump has staked his entire campaign on. According to USA Today, one-third of people who voted to leave the E.U. did it solely because of the massive influx of immigrants into their country.

Now the U.K gambling firm, Ladbrokes, is putting the odds in Trump's favor to pull off a Brexit-styled upset.

On Election Day, Ladbrokes tweeted:

The tweet reads:

Brexit odds on morning of June 23:



Current #ElectionDay Odds:



Betfair, which is also based in the U.K. and bet big on Brexit in June, believes Trump has the best chances too, via Market Watch:

The same people who put money on Brexit happening back in June are also betting on Trump to emerge as the new U.S. president.

“Brexit is still firmly in bettors’ minds, and those who made a killing from the result in June are backing Trump to come through for them again, with over 67% of Brexit backers putting their faith in Trump,” said Barry Orr, spokesperson for Betfair, in a press release.

In August, Trump called himself “Mr. Brexit.” By the end of today or perhaps even tomorrow morning, Americans will see if that name sticks.