In Ohio, College Students May Soon Be Allowed to Conceal Carry on Campus, Bans Lifted from Day Cares

Open carry gun rally in Austin, Texas.
Getty - Erich Schlegel/Stringer
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In the wake of the attack at Ohio State University last month, calls to allow concealed carry of weapons on campus reached lawmakers who were scheduled to vote on HB 48 to address the issue.

According to Reuters, the state senate voted 22-8 in favor of the bill after the state house had passed the bill with a 68-25 vote in favor late Thursday. The bill now heads to Governor John Kasich's desk.

Democratic state Senator Charleta Tavares opposed the bill, saying:

“They are going to deal with the real life consequences of the passing of this bill.”

Supporter, Republican state Senator Bill Coley, countered, “There is no statistical evidence that this is not more safe.”

In fact, a majority of Americans, 56%, feel that more people licensed to carry concealed weapons would make the country safer, according to a 2015 Rasmussen Reports article citing a national Gallup poll.

However, not everyone who supports concealed carry on campus is thrilled with this bill. Ohio's Students for Concealed Carry on Campus group has issued a statement saying that the bill doesn't go far enough in allowing students the right to self-defense:

Their statement reads, in part:

This bill looks good on the surface and the possibility exists that one or two small schools will adopt campus carry policies. But, for the majority of Ohio's university affiliates, this bill has little impact. We're still going to be forced to choose between our safety and our education.

Per an article at Fox News, if the bill becomes law, Ohio would join 23 other states that currently allow colleges to decide to allow concealed carry on campus.

If Kasich signs the bill, bans on concealed carrying of weapons on college campuses and other places, such as public areas of day care centers and of airports will be removed. Those places will still be able to ban concealed carry at their discretion. A ban on concealed carry in government buildings will remain in place.