The Internet Loses It Over Ford's Announcement--One Big Difference Between Obama & Trump Keeps Coming Up

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The news broke on Tuesday that the Ford Motor Company would not be relocating a plant to Mexico, and instead would be reinvesting big bucks in a U.S. plant.

Ford's CEO pointed directly at Trump and the GOP's pro-business policies as a reason for the decision.

As reported by Fox News:

CEO Mark Fields, speaking at an event at the Flat Rock Assembly Plant, said the policies that Trump “and the new Congress have indicated they will pursue” were vital to the company’s decision.

“We believe these tax and regulatory reforms are necessary to boost U.S. competitiveness,” Fields said.

The report lists Carrier, Sprint, and OneWeb as other companies that have made decisions to keep jobs in the U.S. under the future president.

Trump did what he's best at: Trumpeting the news.

The social media reaction was effusive with praise for Trump, and a comparison with Obama kept surfacing again and again in the top comments. One Facebook commenter wrote:

“This man literally has done more POSITIVE for this country before stepping foot in the office than Obama did in his eight years!”

Another chimed in with a point about no need for a “bailout”:

GM won't have bailout-Barry behind them this time. Congratulations to Ford and President Trump!!!

Then a commenter made a bold prediction:

That's what a Donald Trump's effect does. He has already made better deals since he got elected than Barack Obama has in 8 years.

Just wait till he is officially the president, y'all gonna lose your minds.

Wait, there's more:

Amazing the accomplishments being made so far—-and he is not even the President!!! Obama must be stewing in his final days and the liberal media trying to figure out how to spin this as a negative!

The commenters kept piling on:

Amazing....can't wait to see how much he gets done once he's in office. Pack your bags Obama. No one wants you around anymore

President Obama has suffered from stagnant economic growth during his eight years in office. Many economists agree his presidency has overseen the slowest recovery since the 1940s.

It will be hard for news media to spin this into a negative. As for Americans, most people will take more jobs in the United States, thank you very much.

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Brian Neal(15 likes)This definitely upsets the liberals. They don't like success and prosperity. At least that's what they say, even though a lot of them have that! They want to punish those who create wealth and desparage them. They prefer people live off government programs that keep people in poverty. No matter what they may tell you, the liberals do not care nor do they have compassion for anyone but them! They are not the people who want peace and harmony. They enjoy hatred and living in a poverty gutter! That's who they are, and they are going to be driven out finally! NO MORE OF THAT! 
Kathy Huston-Maki(13 likes)Look for everyone that has bad mouth Trump they will be getting something out of this deal too. Jobs Healthcare Better Living. Go President Trump. President Trump we have stood by you from the day 1 so please keep in mind that we the people are the ones who voted you in please bring our jobs back or Healthcare Better Living because we believe in you. So far you're doing when it's right but once you're sworn in it will be different more pressure we know that but you keep telling us you will make us better a great nation again godspeed with you for the next four years.
Joe Alletto(12 likes)"President Obama has suffered from stagnant economic growth during his eight years in office. Many economists agree his presidency has overseen the slowest recoverysince the 1940s." Yeah.  That's what Marxism gets you.  Communism and socialism (communism-lite) have NEVER succeeded wherever and whenever they have been tried.  China is the longest living "communist" nation and the one big reason is that it incorporates a large helping of modified and heavily controlled capitalism in its economy.