Celebs and Donors Flock to Barack and Michelle Obama's Final White House Bash

Barack Obama - White House party
Getty - Yuri Gripas
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Vladimir Putin moves Russian missiles to the borders of Poland and Lithuania. A Chinese carrier strike group launches fighter jets in the contentious South China Sea. Terrorist attacks continue in the Middle East, Europe, and America.

Meanwhile, Barack and Michelle Obama hosted their final White House bash for Hollywood A-listers and other big-time donors on Friday night.

Media not welcome, thank you very much.

With the doors scheduled to open at 8:30, eager celebrities lined up in the cold:

David Letterman showed up in a sweater, still sporting his post-retirement beard:

Robert De Niro was there, as was Obama's unofficial adviser, Al Sharpton:

Tyler Perry came, left, and came back again:

No Obama White House bash would be complete without Stevie Wonder and Chris Rock:

Not to mention, Steven Spielberg and Sir Paul McCartney:

Tom Hanks and wife Rita Wilson showed up, as did John Legend and Chrissy Teigen:

And they just kept coming—from George and Amal Clooney, to Magic Johnson, to James Taylor and Bradley Cooper:

“Alexis in NH” suggested the perfect theme song for the evening:

A grand time was surely had by all.

Speaking of Hollywood celebrities, in response to their latest “lame-ass video” — this one, warning humanity about the evils of the devil incarnate, Donald Trump — several conservative media star put together a parody video, mocking the heck out of them.