Activists Take Safety Pin Campaign to the Next Level By Selling 'White Guilt' in a Box

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After Donald Trump had defeated Hillary Clinton in an electoral landslide, protests exploded throughout the nation.

One of the ways people chose to protest the president-elect was by wearing a safety pin.

But poking your clothing with a tiny piece of steel wasn't good enough for some activists, so a few are taking things to the next level with — “Safety Pin Box.”

Safety Pin Box was created by Leslie Mac and Marissa Jenae Johnson, two Black Lives Matter activists.

The box contains a list of actions which subscribers can work into their daily lives.

According to Vice News, the Safety Pin Box is:

A new monthly subscription service designed to wake up white people to the realities of being black in America. Plans start at $25.00 and go up to $100.00 a month.

For purchasers, some of the tasks in the box include things like “giving higher tips to black people.” Other challenges cover areas like taking a look at the media they view and analyzing it for bias and credibility.

Safety Pin Box doesn't want its customers to do their 'good deeds' in silence either, via their website:

At Safety Pin Box, we encourage you to share what you are working on with others and to promote ally work and Black liberation work on every platform you have including social media.

Subscribers are encouraged to blog or post about the tasks they are working on on social media using the hashtag #safetypinbox, and subscribers are expected to promote Safety Pin Box and the work of Black women often.

Putting your work out in the open is both a way to encourage other white people to join in, and also a way for Black people to hold you accountable.

According to the Safety Pin Box Facebook page, as of a week ago, they have 500 subscribers.

With that many customers, even if they were only paying for the minimum box at $25 per month, Safety Pin Box is still making a profit of $12,500.00 per month, via selling “white guilt.”

They're going even further than that, though. For people who decide to join the subscription service, Safety Pin Box offers to connect them with other members (pin-pals), so they can complete their tasks together, essentially turning it into a mini-social network for “white guilt.”

Meanwhile, Safety Pin Box co-founder Leslie Mac tweets things like, “May 2017 be the year we stop praising white folks for acting like decent human beings.” A clear indicator of how much she cares about her product's consumers.

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Ken McLeod(25 likes)  Come on, call this what it is. BS. This is so pathetic I'm almost at a loss for words. I'm white and I feel NO GULIT. Why? Because I treat everyone equally. If you're a good person you're treated as such. If you're a bad person, you're treated as such. Doesn't matter what color or gender you are.  Whoever started this safety pin crap should be embarrassed and ANYONE WHO WEARS IT is only embarrassing themselves and disrespecting good people. Let's not forget, America treats it's minorities BETTER than the countries where they are the Majority. If that wasn't true, every minority would move to the country where the are the majority so they could live a better life. But guess what....they don't move. They just make crap up to try and make good white people feel guilty so they can get something out of it. WHITE PEOPLE. If you are a good person and treat people equally, then you have NOTHING to feel guilty about.  If you're a racist.  Get you Sh*t together and stop it.  A good person is a good person not matter what color or gender they are. deal with it.MINORITIES. I challenge you to make a list of all the bad things you think white people are doing to oppress you, then MAKE ANOTHER LIST of ALL THE GOOD things white people have brought to not only America, but the whole World. You'll quickly learn how long the good list is and how short the bad list is.  Not saying white people are perfect, no race/ethicity is.   So EVERYONE, stop being part of the problem with stupid gimmick like this safety pin and start being part of the solution and take responsibility for your actions and quit blaming white people for your own failures.  
Marilyn Adams(15 likes)stupidest thing I've seen in a while..
Wes Horn(14 likes)What gets me is that BLM members are using their blackness in the very manner in which they are blamming whites for doing, as a privilege and as a better-than attitude.  Cant they be smart enough to stop using racism to combat racism and see the falacy of treating whites whom they think are treating them unfairly when often whites just react to their bullying and racist attitudes as anyone else would.