Top 25 Most Racist Nations in the World: Where the United States Ranks is Eye-Opening

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Jay Fayza of Rebel Media uses facts and statistics to show that citizens of Western nations, including the United States of America, are not the most racist on the planet. On the contrary, Fayza points out, the most racist nations tend to be in Asia and Africa.

The top ten from the list, which draws on data from The World Values Survey from 2010-2014:

Contrary to the narrative put forth by progressives and groups like Black Lives Matter, the United States of America does not even fall into the top 25.

The ranking of a few nations worth noting: Japan (25), Russia (20), Hong Kong (19), Ecuador (15), Iraq (13) and Palestine (8).

The research draws as such research as tolerance for neighbors of another race, as shown by a map published in The Washington Post:

As WaPo pointed out, Anglo and Latin nations are the “most tolerant,” while India and Jordan were the “least intolerant.” For a balanced overview of the subject, check out ten charts that put America's racial views in global perspective.