On Obama's Big Farewell Night in Chicago, Trump Steals the President's Thunder on Twitter. Again.

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It may not have been the way President Obama wanted it, or Donald Trump for that matter, but on the night of the president's farewell address a bizarre topic showed up on Twitter's trending list displacing social media engagement regarding his speech.

The farewell address—a fifty-minute long stemwinder with some attendees paying thousands to witness it—was swamped with social media reaction to the dubiously sourced “Russian intelligence document” that Buzzfeed splayed on the Internet for readers to gawk at.

Buzzfeed's Editor-in-Chief Ben Smith effectively admitted that the document's legitimacy could not be ascertained.

Even CNN got in on the action; all posited with disclaimers about the veracity of the sourcing, and of course, the admission up front that all of it could be bunk, but, you know, 'what do you think about it'?

Nonetheless, the giddiness from America's elite commentariat about the report was unrestrainable.

Once again, down the rabbit hole of post-Trump journalism we go...

The more sober adults in the room spoke up.

One of the more disturbing accusations to come out of the document (and that's really what it's all about, the nature of the allegations), turned into a top-trending topic that had to be seen to be believed. It was, ahem, “Golden showers.”

We'll leave it to the imagination of the reader what that means and not repeat unsourced allegations here. Needless to say, it's not referring to Scrooge McDuck-like money baths.

The amazing trending topic certainly grabbed the attention of several pundits, who noted the irony.

Twitchy pointed out the bottom line.

Although the accusations are baseless, and are planted within a document rife with errors, the top-trending topic did accomplish one thing, it became the talk of Twitter on a night when the president was expecting to get all the attention to himself.

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Bob Booth(5 likes)Obama we really can not hide the facts here is my take on the last 8 years  Barack Obama will go down in history as one of our country's most successful presidents. The amount of destruction that he has wrought in such a short period of time is astounding. Make no mistake, this is intentional, and he has been successful. Nearly half the population now on some form of welfare. 94 million working age Americans are unemployed; and we are supposed to believe that the unemployment rate is below 6%. Our Military, the weakest it has been in generations, including the destruction of our nuclear arsenal, while facilitating The development of nuclear weapons for terrorist regimes such as Iran, who call publicly for death to America and Israel, and while other world powers, such as China and Russia continue to grow their nuclear arsenal. All the while allowing Hillary to transfer ownership of United States uranium to Russia, in return for $140 million in "donations" to the Clinton crime family foundation,Adding 7.5 trillion and counting to our national debt, in addition to printing $80 billion per month(QE&QE2), to the tune of $4.5 trillion and pumping it into Wall Street. Government takeover of GM (at the expense of the bondholders and the taxpayers), and the entire health care and health care insurance industry, and lying through his teeth to facilitate this. Inciting racial division at every possible juncture, as well as, class warfare, for divided, we are much easier to conquer.Constantly denigrating and apologizing for America on the world stage, teaching our children in schools, that America is evil and was founded upon this evilness, an America that has, in a time span of less than 250 years, been the greatest force for good in the history of the world, a first lady that said she's never been proud of America before her husband was elected, and make no mistake, they are completely representative of the Democrat party elite. It's obvious Barack Obama wants to take America down a couple of notches, that he does not want America to be the greatest nation on earth, if not America, then who?Blatantly refusing enforcement of immigration laws, and trampling upon the Constitution, after taking an oath to enforce the laws of this country and uphold the Constitution, and facilitating the invasion of America by illegals, for the sole purpose of infusing the Democrat party with future voters, building the dependent class necessary for liberals to remain in power; I say let's legalize all the illegal immigrants, only one caveat, they're not allowed to vote for 25 years.Say this to liberal and you will find out what their true agenda is, when it comes to illegal immigration.Insulting and abandoning our allies, and befriending, appeasing, bowing to, and dealing with our enemies. Releasing known terrorists back onto the battlefield during an armed conflict,(this is treasonous), "trading" them for a known traitor (Beau Bergdahl).Using federal agencies such as the IRS to target American citizens who disagree with him politically. Using the DOJ to further the racial divide by non-prosecution of blacks. Using the EPA to restrict economic growth and development and limit personal property freedom to the greatest extent possible. Using the NSA to spy on the American people; just a question here, do you think it's possible that Chief Justice John Roberts is being blackmailed?There is no doubt that the impetus for moral decay in this country is the liberal, leftist, progressive, marxist, socialist, communist ideologic philosophy exemplified by the modern day democrat party. America is the example the rest of the world should follow. History teaches us that liberalism, by whatever name you call it, is a complete failure and often results in actions of a genocidal nature. One cannot avoid having to face up to the destruction being caused by the leftist administration currently in the Whitehouse.Thank God this pathologically lying narcissistic megalomaniac is gone. 
LeeAnn Jensen(3 likes)Obama don't deserve CRAP,  worst President in USA HISTORY !!!! GOODBYE OBUMMER YOU ARE A TRAITOR TO AMERICA AND YOU SHOULD BE IN PRISON !!!
@Kuper(3 likes)In these times, I equate a journalist to a lawyer or used car salesperson.