Hollywood Hysteria: Celebs Come Absolutely Unglued Over Trump's Press Conference

Trump - press conference
Getty - Nicholas Kamm
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Liberal talking heads throughout the media were beside themselves on Thursday following President Trump's contentious press conference.

Then there was Hollywood.

If talking heads were aghast, some of Hollywood's finest were in full meltdown mode.

Several stars went with the en vogue Democratic strategy of questioning Trump's mental health, including Kathy Griffin and Christina Applegate:

Josh Groban jumped on that thread as well, going off on a bit of a tweet storm:

Others picked on specific quotes, including Josh Gad and Samantha Bee:

And what Twitter Trump-trashing would be complete without Alec Baldwin?

Fortunately, “calmer” heads prevailed. Former Hillary Clinton press secretary Brian Fallon tweeted about an interesting claim made by CNN's John King:

Fallon was right about King's comment:

Regardless of what one thinks of Trump's first solo press conference in the White House, NBC's Chuck Todd had perhaps the best tweet of all:

The question is, to paraphrase Hillary Clinton, what difference would it make?