Mom Shaving Her Bikini Area Nicks Herself. Two Days Later, Her Legs Start Turning Black…

Note: This article contains graphic content.

Dana Sedgewick was doing what is routine for most women when it turned into a situation that almost took her life.

The mother of three was trimming her bikini area with a brand-new razor when she cut herself, according to Cosmopolitan.

The razor cut set off a series of medical problems, which began almost instantly. The mother said:

“I felt unwell and noticed a little pimple on my groin which kept bleeding. I didn’t think anything of it as I often got a rash from shaving. Little did I know that this tiny pimple would almost cost me my life.”

Two days after she shaved, Sedgewick saw a doctor when she began feeling dizzy, but the doctor did little besides prescribe antibiotics. Then, she developed a rash on her legs; within hours, they turned black. As her body went into shock, she was rushed to the hospital.

There, the mother was diagnosed with necrotising fasciitis, a flesh-eating bacteria. The infection spread quickly, causing her skin to rot.

Sedgewick said doctors weren’t sure whether she was going to survive:

“It was touch-and-go as to whether I’d make it.”

As Metro reports, Sedgewick spent 10 hours in surgery while doctors cut through seven inches of rotting skin.

Unfortunately, the surgery caused more complications for the mom; sepsis set in and caused her heart to stop four times. She also experienced kidney failure.

According to the Mayo Clinic, sepsis is caused by bacterial, viral, or fungal infections.

Severe sepsis causes complications of the blood flow to the brain, heart, and kidneys. Blood clots can also form in the organs and legs, arms, fingers, and toes. The survival rate for septic shock is around 50 percent.

Sedgewick was put into an induced coma and given a 30 percent chance to live, and she had a chance of losing her legs if she did survive.

The mother pulled through the terrifying health crisis, but she didn’t remember what happened when she woke up. She said:

“When I woke up my legs were covered in bandages and I had no idea what happened. But when the surgeon asked me if I remembered shaving, I suddenly recalled trimming my bikini line.”

Sedgewick was sick to her stomach when she saw what her legs looked like:

“It was horrific. All of my muscles had rotted away, and I had a crater near my groin. But I knew it could have been much, much worse. I could have easily lost my legs, or worse, died.”

According to the Daily Mail, she has since undergone 21 operations. She was able to move her legs again with the help of crutches. The mother is now back home with her children, 9-year-old Klara, 14-year-old Freya, and 18-year-old, Megan.

And thankfully, Sedgewick has been able to keep her sense of humor despite her near-death experience.

“It’s incredible to think a tiny shaving spot could have killed me,” she said. “I had a very close shave indeed.”

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