A Ripped Up Note Given to the Co-Pilot in the Deadly Germanwings Crash Could Have Saved 150 Lives

Authorities said late last week that the co-pilot who downed the Germanwings flight in the French Alps was hiding medical concerns from his employer, Lufthansa:

The Dusseldorf prosecutor’s office told reporters that medical documents found in Andreas Lubitz’s home “indicated an existing illness and corresponding medical treatment,” but did not expand about which illness(es) Lubitz was suffering from.

Though the exact reason Lubitz crashed the plane into the French Alps is still unknown, police don’t believe Lubitz had political motives:

Some believe that Lubitz was suffering from a bout of depression, due to a recent breakup with a longtime girlfriend.

New York Daily News reports:

“The man blamed for crashing Flight 9525 recently split with his girlfriend, leaving Lubitz — who had a history of depression — in a fragile emotional state, the German newspaper Bild reported Friday.”

Daily News also reports that while Lubitz was training in the U.S. for Lufthansa in 2009, it was interrupted due to a “serious depressive episode.”

Lufthansa would not confirm, deny, or expand on the “several-month gap” in Lubitz’s training.

According to USA Today, the Germanwings pilot tore up a doctor’s note that would have required him to take a medical leave of absence the day of the crash:

“Police found the medical certificate and other documents during a search Thursday at the Dusseldorf apartment of Andreas Lubitz, the 27-year-old Germanwings co-pilot.

Germanwings said in a statement Friday that it had received no such sick leave note for the day of the ill-fated flight. Lufthansa, the parent-company of Germanwings, previously said Lubitz was ‘100% fit to fly.'”

Germanwings confirmed to Fox News that it never received a note from Lubitz or his doctor detailing any medical ailment.

Germanwing Flight 9525 took off from Barcelona around 10:11 last Tuesday morning, with a planned destination of Dusseldorf, Germany:

Image credit: WSJ

Thirty minutes into the flight, the Airbus A320 crashed into the French Alps in the southern part of France. All 150 passengers lost their lives.

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