18 Scapegoats Democrats Have Come Up With to Take the ‘Blame’ for Donald Trump

Who is to blame for Donald Trump? Whose fault is it that America elected a reality TV star and made him the leader of the free world?

Since the election, some disappointed Democrats have been looking for places to assign blame for their surprising loss — and some of them were a little…well…out there.

1. First they blamed white people:


2. Then they blamed just the white women:

3. And then all of the racist white people:


4. Then they cast a slightly wider net, blaming racists, sexists, and homophobes:


5. Some blamed “fake news” on Facebook:

6. Others blamed the media in general:

7. Or rich Americans:

8. Or multi-national corporations?

9. Or voter suppression:


10. Another scapegoat? The Chicago Cubs:


11. A lot of people laid the blame on FBI Chief James Comey:

12. Or Russia, with an assist from WikiLeaks:

13. And a few felt that Georgia Rep. John Lewis (D) had cost Bernie Sanders the primary — which they said in turn cost the Democrats the general election:

14. And some blamed the DNC for pushing a weak candidate:

Image Credit: Frederic J. Brown/Getty Images

15. Baby-boomers took some of the blame:

16. A few blamed libertarians, third-party voters, and anyone who voted ‘Harambe’:


17. Or “the system“:


18. But Piers Morgan topped them all, blaming Trump’s election on the “snobbish sneering” perpetuated by the panelists at the BBC:

No matter who’s “to blame” for Donald Trump’s election, unless the Democrats pull off an eleventh hour miracle to swing the electoral college before they meet in December, everyone will have to come to terms with the fact that he will be inaugurated in January.

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