This Little Note on the Windshield of a Cop Car Shows Not Everyone Agrees with Media About Police

Lately, police have had a hard time in the eyes of the public all around the United States.

Cities are up in arms over claims of police brutality. Many are blaming the country’s entire police force for controversial incidents which took place in specific locales. The protests against police have been loud and boisterous.

Every now and then, though, there are quiet acts of kindness that remind those who protect and serve how much they are appreciated.

A Cottonwood Heights, Utah, police officer received such an act of kindness. The unnamed officer arrived to his or her patrol car with a note left on the windshield. The image of the note was put up on the CHPD Twitter account:

Image Credit: Cottonwood Heights Police Department-Twitter

The CHPD commented on the note:

This note was left on the windshield of a marked CHPD patrol car. Thank you!

These acts of kindness serve as reminders, not only to law enforcement and those who support their efforts, but to protesters as well: Thank you, officers across America, for your dedication and your service.

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