2 Playboy Models Who Pretended to ‘Date’ Trump in 90s Share Side of Him the Media’s Not Showing

Identical twin sisters Shane and Sia Barbi were some of the most well-known and published Playboy models of the 1990s.

Their record-breaking cover issue hit stands in September of 1991 and sold out within two weeks, propelling the twins to stardom.

Now, Shane and Sia have come out to defend Donald Trump against the slew of sexual assault allegations leveled against him.

They told The Daily Mail that they first met Trump after Hugh Hefner’s publicists arranged for Sia to go out and attend parties with the billionaire.

They wanted it to look like he was dating her or her sister…or even both of them.

Image Credit: Newsmakers/Getty Images
Image Credit: Newsmakers/Getty Images

But according to the twins, Trump was the “perfect gentleman” in every encounter they had with him and never took advantage of the situation.

The move was used to boost the public profiles of all the people involved, and Trump never took it further than that.

Shane, now 53, told the UK-based publication that with the experiences they had with The Donald, they don’t believe the popular businessman would actually sexually assault someone:

“It is frightening the way the media can ruin someone’s image with accusations like the ones leveled against Trump.

While I never want to dismiss a woman’s claim of sexual abuse, in our personal experience, we saw no indication that Donald Trump would do anything like that.”

On the contrary, he was a perfect gentleman to us, and to all of those other beautiful women that were all over him.”

She went on to say that she and her sister had intended to vote for Marco Rubio in the election, but now that he’s dropped out, they are voting for Jill Stein.

“My first choice for president was ‘Little Marco,’ someone Trump made fun of. And now we are voting for Jill Stein of the Green Party. So, we have nothing invested in saying this.

Trump had a trashy mouth on ‘Access Hollywood’ and ‘Howard Stern,’ but we saw him in so many situations with tons of gorgeous women where he was a total gentleman.”

Image Credit: Shane and Sia Barbi via Getty Images)
Image Credit: Shane and Sia Barbi/Getty Images

Sia backed up her sister’s claims and told The Daily Mail that they appeared at a number of parties hosted by Trump in the 90s. She says that he was all business the entire time and that women fawned over him, not the other way around:

“Trump invited us to go to a few parties that were full of top supermodels and beautiful women. They were falling over him. We also did a boxing hosting job in Atlantic City for his casino. He never bothered us or anyone else. He was pure business.”

Shane chimed in once again, offering details of how Trump conducted himself at these parties, and how his female fans allegedly pined for his attention:

“It was there that all these pin-up and Playmates were coming up to us to ask us for his phone number, and dying to get a picture of them with Donald Trump. Those women were very aggressive and started telling the papers they were fighting with us, over Trump, to get into the papers, which was not true. We had our own boyfriends and Trump was extremely professional with us.

He was surrounded by gorgeous super models, Playmates and pinups that were begging us to introduce them to him. He was very popular with women, yet ignored all of that.”

Image Credit: Getty Images
Image Credit: Getty Images

As for Trump, he’s denied all of the allegations brought against him and has defended himself in speeches and on Twitter:

Trump’s wife, Melania, also threatened to sue Natasha Stoynoff, the author of the blistering People Magazine first-person sexual assault account.

The potential first lady also spoke to Anderson Cooper Monday night about the allegations.

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