Jon Stewart's Tremendous Rant Blasting Fox News on Global Warming is Missing Only 1 Thing

| JAN 7, 2014 | 7:45 PM

You gotta hate interrupting a comic like Jon Stewart in a state of high dudgeon by peeing in the left's punchbowl. But his entire rant blasting Fox News for the presumably fallacious premise that subzero temperatures defy the enviroleft's global warming dogma is misleading.

Weather is just the ironic premise for discussing the subject. What Stewart's entertaining stemwinder is missing one thing: evidence. Weather has nothing to do with the right's objections to global warming dogma.

Not just one, but FIVE major datasets used in climate science research show that global temperatures are flat for the last 17 years, despite the rise of Carbon Dioxide levels to 400 parts per million in earth's atmosphere:


Precisely because the empirical data were not fitting the left's original “global warming” narrative, they changed the story to “manmade climate change” and “global climate distruption.”

Except “extreme weather”  has not been cooperative as of late: as shown in the article “9 Reasons We're All Gonna Die in 2014 - If You Think Like a Liberal,” tornadoes, hurricanes and 100 degree temps in the U.S. were all near record lows in 2013.

The major extreme weather event of 2014 - the insanely cold polar vortex - is now being twisted into evidence of “global warming” in the most ludicrous of ways.

Stewart's rant shows the power of satire and ridicule, which the left uses in lieu of an actual argument nowadays. The Comedy Central host can cherry-pick the bragadocious Donald Trump as an exemplar of the other side's argument, and then “freeze, personalize and polarize” him so that other people 'don't want to be like Donald Trump.'

It's like a post-high school form of peer pressure; the weak-minded and incurious respond well to it, so the left keeps using it. Don't believe your lying eyes, they say. We've got a “consensus,” and the facts be damned.

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