The media is tossing everything it can to distract the public from the continuing debacle of Obamacare, but new polling shows popularity of both the president and his healthcare bill keep collapsing. Here are three quick takeaways from the latest survey.

1. Obama's Favorability at a Dismal 38%

In the latest IBD/TIPP Poll, Obama's favorability has dipped to 38%, a full five points from his polling in November of 43%. Among Democrats, he fared even worse, losing 10 points since November. His Presidential Leadership Index is at an all-time low of 42.6%.


2. Public More Opposed to ObamaCare Than Ever

Clearly the weight dragging down the president is the “Affordable Care Act,” or Obamacare, which continues to befuddle its proponents with delays, failed payment processing, and broken promises of coverage.

Overall, 55% of the public oppose the law, the highest since IBD/TIPP started asking this question in 2010. Just 37% support ObamaCare, matching a record low.

One in five Democrats opposes Obamacare, and more than one in six Democrats say they want it repealed - both at their highest levels in this polling.

3. Obama Approval Worse Than Bush After Katrina

Despite much favorable news media, Obama's approval is down to levels last seen during the lowest points of the Bush presidency. And if you really want to irk your friends on the left, read this to them:

Obama also has fallen to record lows in the IBD/TIPP Presidential Leadership Index. At 42.6, his support is lower than President George W. Bush's in the wake of his administration's poor handling of Hurricane Katrina.

Will Michelle's enormous and lavish 50th birthday celebration help Barack's popularity, or will Americans notice the hypocrisy of her extravagant lifestyle while being hectored about “income inequality” from her husband?

Maybe that's why Obama's pollster was begging the media not to cover polls for 2014. After all, we'd hate Americans to know just how bad a job Obama is doing, right?

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