Senator Kay Hagan of North Carolina might want to consider firing who ever is running her website, because it usually doesn't help to keep promising Americans what is considered the “lie of the year.”

Obama's popularity among North Carolinians is even lower than that among the rest of the country, which explains why Republicans are trying to sink her re-election campaign by tying it to him.

“Individuals and employers who like their health insurance and doctors will keep them.” (Kay Hagan U.S. Senate website, “Health Care Facts,” accessed 1/27/14)

Here's a screenshot!

kay hagn

Among the millions of Americans who have lost their insurance despite Obama's great big campaign lie, there are 500,000 North Carolinians who probably don't appreciate their Senator continuing to perpetuate the deception. Even Obama apologized, but Hagan still refuses to apologize or even acknowledge the broken promise.

If Hagan wants to keep her seat, she's gonna have to run away from Obama even faster than she has already.

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