You would think that a president who told the “lie of the year,” oversees a floundering economy, and ruined America's standing in the world would be more popular! But you'd be wrong if you thought that.

Perhaps that's why Democrats are reluctant to campaign with Obama, and results from a recent Gallup poll aren't gonna give them any more reason to:

A new Gallup poll suggested Monday why Republicans running in some of the most contested U.S. Senate races this year will be campaigning fiercely against President Obama, even as their Democratic counterparts strive to make the races about anything but him.

Among the ten states where the president was most unpopular in 2013 are three seen as highly competitive in 2014: Montana, where Sen. Max Baucus will be leaving after six terms; Alaska, where first-term Democrat Mark Begich is expecting a strong challenge, and Arkansas, where incumbent Democratic Sen. Mark Pryor is being chased by Rep. Tom Cotton. There are no contested Senate races in the states where Obama is most popular.

Ouch! That's gonna hurt come November. And even in other races, Obama doesn't fare much better:

In Louisiana, were Democrat Mary Landrieu is battling for re-election, Obama had a 40% positive rating; in North Carolina, where Democrat Kay Hagan is seeking a second term, he was at 43%. Of course, Obama will not be a mirage in those races; both incumbents have been the targets already of negative ads attacking their votes on behalf of Obama administration initiatives, including the national healthcare program.

Now all the GOP has to do is hitch Obama's sinking ship to every Democrat running a difficult re-election campaign this year. That is of course, if Republicans can go ahead and not sabotage themselves like they do every time they have an advantage.

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