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We've come a long way from Polar bears when it comes to advertising from the multi-national behemoth Coca Cola. While people expect fairly universal messages when it comes to corporate advertising, they don't expect nationally significant songs like “America the Beautiful” to be chopped up into multiple languages.

The sentiment behind the ad might be laudable: people of different nationalities living side by side without the divisive viewpoint that everyone who is different is the “other.” But some people might rightly take offense that their national tradition is being sliced up and repackaged to sell a soft drink.

Multiculturalism shouldn't be offensive to any particular culture - and that's the hypocrisy many “conservatives” see about it. Shock - they love their country as it is and don't want it to be more like China or Russia or any other nation on earth. They love freedom, and civil society, and yes, they respect if not admire immigrants who come to the nation to pursue the American Dream.

America is a nation of immigrants, period. Latino, Asian, European, African - everyone is welcome, given that immigrants play by the rules and show basic respect for the host country.

The nation is enriched by the contributions from immigrants from multiple backgrounds and languages, but how can there be cultural harmony with everyone speaking their own languages and unable to grasp a common culture that unites people? Weigh in below.

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