Boehner: How Can We Trust Obama On Immigration?

| FEB 7, 2014 | 10:50 AM
boehner immigration

The President has made it quite clear that he intends to use his pen and a phone to pass executive orders during his remaining time in office. He's changed laws to fit his political needs. So how, Speaker Boehner asks, can we trust him on immigration?

Speaking before the press corps on Thursday, Congressman John Boehner stressed the importance of passing effective immigration reform, but sees a tough road ahead if the President continues to act without working with Congress.

Via NBC News:

The American people, including many of my members, don't trust that the reform that we're talking about will be implemented as it was intended to be. The President seems to change the health care law on a whim whenever he likes. Now he's running around the country telling everyone that he's going to keep acting on his own. He keeps talking about his phone and his pen.

This might be a learning opportunity for the President to understand that he can't have it both ways:

The president’s asking us to move one of the biggest bills of his presidency, and yet he’s shown very little willingness to work with us on the smallest of things.

There are consequences for failing to negotiate with the other party. Telling the American people that he doesn't need Congress to get work done will not encourage the House to work with him.

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