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This compilation video of news anchors reporting on a recent conviction from the Free Beacon shows a curious feature of the mass media that many conservatives know, but too many on the left deny.

Former New Orleans mayor Ray Nagin was convicted Wednesday of 20 federal counts, including bribery and conspiracy, but when the news made it to your television screen, the news anchors were suddenly stuck with amnesia as to the mayor's political party.

Soon-to-be prisoner Nagin is, in fact, a Democrat, but we'd hate for the evening news to sully the good name of liberals, so we can't expect them to report that kind of trivial information. That's reserved for Republican scandals.

In full disclosure, did not mention former Mayor Ray Nagin's party affiliation, since it did not appear immediately germane to interject it into the crime article. The readership of the selected article would more than likely be familiar with the former mayor's party affiliation - but that is not the same as a television broadcast that presents a wide array of news to a set audience.

In any event, former Mayor Ray Nagin is a Democrat - lest there be any doubt.

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