A new poll puts Obama's false promise, “if you like your healthcare plan you can keep it,” in perspective: 64% of Americans say ObamaCare would've never passed if Americans had known the truth in 2009.

Moreover, the Fox news poll found the sentiment to be spread across all party lines, with 74% of Republicans, 68% of Independents and 54% of Democrats saying Obama's unpopular healthcare program would never have passed.

Even more troubling, 56% of Americans said ObamaCare was more about the government seizing control of citizens' lives, versus just 40% who felt Obama's plan was about improving healthcare.

Perhaps the most troubling finding of the poll for Team Obama is this: 55% of respondents under 30 said they wish ObamaCare had never been passed. This group is critical to the success of the program; without strong participation by younger healthier people to offset older less healthy participants, experts — and even the administration itself — say ObamaCare cannot succeed.

Whether the President flat out lied to the American people or had a good intentioned promise go horribly wrong, he is on the record for saying that those who liked their plans could keep their plans — multiple times — saying he favors a single-payer, universal [government] healthcare plan. The question is, were we really listening?

Remember Obama Saying People With Pre-Existing Conditions Shouldn’t Pay More? Yeah, Well…

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