Lou and Linda Pelletier, the caring and responsible parents of Justina Pelletier, wanted nothing more than to see her their sick child get better. After following a course of treatment for mitochondrial disease, as diagnosed by Tufts Medical Center, Justina came down with the flu in February 2013.

Upon a recommendation by a Connecticut hospital, she was transferred to Boston Children's Hospital. That is where the Pelletier's nightmare began. Although she was meant to see a gastroenterologist, she instead wound up seeing a neurologist - who promptly diagnosted her with “somatoform” disorder, a psychosomatic illness implying Justina's symptoms were 'all in her head.'

What happened next is unimaginable and unacceptable. Boston Children's Hospital alleged that Justina Pelletier's parents had abused her with the medical treatment prescribed by her previous care providers, and reported the parents to the State of Massachusetts.

Not only was the judge's verdict egregious - Justina was forcibly removed from her parents and awarded to the state - but the judge placed a gag order on the Pelletiers, which legally forbids them informing their fellow citizens about the state's draconian actions.

This is one of those stories you hear about in movies or history books, but imagine couldn't happen in our country. Megyn Kelly of Fox News discussed the horrific situation with Lou Pelletier.

The Pelletier's traumatic story has inspired many Americans to pressure the state into letting this family see their daughter. You can help cover the family's legal expenses by visiting FreeJustina.com.

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