At America's “least good” schools around the nation, the students fall woefully short of even basic competencies in math, reading and writing. The New York Post publicly identified one of these “fail factories,” Murry Bergstraum High School in Manhattan.

Once the high school's PR guy (yes, you read that right) got wind of the Post's expose, the incomprehensible letters came a-flyin'. From the NY Post:

These kids should learn write from wrong.

Earlier this month, The Post exposed a scheme at Manhattan’s Murry Bergtraum HS for Business Careers in which failing students could get full credit without attending class, but instead watch video lessons and take tests online. One social-studies teacher had a roster of 475 students in all grades and subjects.

Red-faced administrators encouraged a student letter-writing campaign to attack The Post and defend its “blended learning” program. Eighteen kids e-mailed to argue that their alma mater got a bad rap.

Almost every letter was filled with spelling, grammar and punctuation errors.

Here's the graphic they put together of some of the letters:


That is frightening. According to the Post, Murry Bergtraum was graded “F” by the Department of Education, and had a miserable 51.2 percent graduation rate last year. Another shocking related statistic from the article is that nearly 80% of students need remedial math, reading or writing at New York's public university CUNY.

The Post goes on to say that while school officials make the excuse that they don't have enough money for teachers, they do have enough money to have a public relations person - the very one who encouraged these students to write about why the “Blended Learning” should be kept.

Couldn't they at least get a PR hack bright enough not to send letters that prove the very point the New York Post is trying to make? Then again, maybe the PR guy also went to Murry Bergtraum.

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