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Ronan Farrow may be a newbie to TV news - actually, he came right out and said that in his opening monologue - but global education group Reach The World has decided that he is already deserving of their annual Cronkite Award for Exploration and Education in Journalism.

Farrow's MSNBC show, Ronan Farrow Daily, began airing earlier this week, on February 23rd. In it, he discussed such topics as dumpster diving for weed and whether spanking is an appropriate parenting method. Does that sound award-worthy to you?

Farrow, who is 26, once served as a foreign policy official for President Obama and has worked with UNICEF. He is the child of movie stars Mia Farrow and Woody Allen, though he has added fuel to the fire with comments on the possibility that his actual father is Frank Sinatra.

Press who cover the award ceremony have been instructed not to ask Farrow about his paternity, or about his sister's allegations of sexual abuse by Woody Allen.

Regardless, how Farrow achieved so much success in only 3 days on the air is beyond comprehension, and something tells me Walter Cronkite would not approve.

This article has been edited after publication.

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