cruz at cpac

Opening the Conservative Political Action Committee conference in Maryland this morning, Senator Ted Cruz showed once again that he knows how to work the conservative audience.

"You are here at CPAC because you understand that the stakes have never been higher. You are here because you understand that our country is at a crisis point - we are at the edge of a cliff. Liberty is under assault.


What I want to talk to you about this morning is how we win. There are a lot of D.C. consultants who say there's a choice for Republicans to make: We can choose to either keep our head down, not rock the boat, to not stand for anything, or we can stand for principle. And they say if you stand for principle, you lose elections.


The way you do it, the smart way, the Washington way, is don't stand against Obamacare, don't stand against the debt ceiling, don't stand against nothing. I want to tell you something: that is a false dichotomy. You want to lose elections, stand for nothing."

Whether or not you agree with his tactics in Congress, he knows where to draw in bright, bold colors. The country has a choice to make, and it's up to voters to decide whether they are more or less satisfied with the status quo or seriously oppose the “fundamental transformation” of America.

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