NBC Today's Savannah Guthrie and Matt Lauer were beside themselves Thursday over why Barack Obama didn't make Fortune Magazine's “50 Greatest World Leaders” list. Guthrie lamented:

“Bill Clinton comes in at number five and makes the cover. There are a lot of other notable names here. Tell you what, though, there may be some talk about one leader who did not make the list, the leader of the free world, President Obama. Fortune tells us he was not overlooked, he just did not make the cut.”

Co-host Matt Lauer agreed:

“Yeah, that's surprising.” He then noted leaders who 'did make the cut': 'Pope Francis takes the top spot. Congratulations to him....Some other folks you may recognize, Bono, Derek Jeter – yes! – Angelina Jolie, and Malala Yousafzai.'"

Not to worry though, Obama fans. Lauer wrapped up the segment by suggesting that Obama took the snub in stride:

“But the President is not sulking at home. On Wednesday, what did he do? He went out and taped an appearance on Ellen.”

Exactly, Matt. Why should something as trivial as the Leader of the Free World coming in 51st — or worse — on Fortune's Greatest World Leaders list matter when he can go on “Ellen” and be fawned over by a sycophantic host and an adoring crowd? Priorities, Matt, priorities.

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