I hate racists and actual racism. There I said it. I also hate when people abuse the charged emotions and hurt feelings that the epithet “racist” provokes just to advance an ulterior motive — say, socialism.

Oh, I’m sorry. Am I allowed to say “socialism”? Or has that become one of those unmentionable ‘isms’? We could switch to progressivism, if you’d prefer. That’s the watered-down Kool-aid form, the Flavor Aid of socialism, if you will. (I’m sorry if you found that remark racist. Alright, no I’m not.)

Socialism is pretty much the opposite of everything America stands for. Individual rights for all kinds of people — blacks, whites, Latinos, dwarves, midget dwarves, little people, and even freaks like me. Private property, so that other people (whether they call themselves the IRS or not) can’t steal your bling, is pretty darn cool, let's all admit. Limited government, because who the hell is in favor of unlimited government?

That’s right, progressives.

Ask a progressive when the government has gone too far and she’s likely to tell you that it stops at her bedroom. Or the womb. Except if it’s springing for a case of Magnums and a bottle of Fire & Ice lubrigel — then it’s party on!

What progressives don’t get is that in order to buy those Democrat pleasure packs (which will be handed out by Sandra Fluke at the next convention) ‘government’ had to slink into someone’s bedroom like a sexy Anne Hathaway in full black leather bodysuit and knee-high glossy stilettos to slip someone’s wallet out of his side dresser drawer.

Ironically, as he dreamt about Anne Hathaway.

Anyway, the point is there is nothing sacred to a socialist government, and once you give up your economic freedom, pretty much everything else follows. You can complain all you want about “Bible thumpers” as you’re working on the state farm for vodka and white bread rations, but it’s likely to get you more blank stares than Kim Kardashian accepting a Grammy for her song “Boob Jobs are My Life.” (Not because the song sucks, but check out that thong - it's like a string of spaghetti fell into the Grand Canyon.)

Disagreeing with a Democrat president who happens to be black is not racist. It may show an affinity for “hate facts,” but it doesn’t mean you think the white race is superior to the black race (or vice versa). It certainly isn’t offensive to point out President Obama has a suspect history of economic failure that just happens to benefit the Democrat Party. (Purely by coincidence, one can be sure.)

What is racism: thinking the white race is superior to the black race. Like when a conservative argues that welfare's overuse harms society and the economy, and the “progressive” says “ummm... racist.” No one else sees a problem with that?

But socialism? There’s a seedy backstory to that ideology that would make Bree Olsen blush. So we’re not supposed to talk about it, because it’s noble and stuff — at least that’s what my professors kept telling me. We’re talking poverty, and mass murder, and misery, and really bad jokes. (If I hear one more “In Russia bad joke make you” kind of joke, I’m going to beat someone’s groin area with a wiffle-ball bat. There I go again.)

This phony taking offense at anyone who doesn’t adhere to the Democrat Party line, crying racism, and sexism, and bigotry like a five-year-old with a PC version of Tourette’s syndrome, just doesn’t cut the mustard anymore. Some conservatives are on to the left’s Frankfurt School games (and no, that’s not the biennial culinary Olympics for hot dog chefs).

I’ll see your racism, and raise you an ‘ism’ — socialism. And since more than half of Democrats think it’s pretty keen, it’s legitimate to drag the hundred million skeletons out of the socialist closet. One last time. Because it’s politically useful.

The dead bodies, the broken economies, the starvation, the ruin, the shattered lives, the debt piled onto my kids’ backs, their limited futures, the ignorance of history, the blithe insistence that naysayers don’t get it — I find that all pretty offensive. One might say even more offensive than the left's naughty words. And you should, too.

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