A tragic shooting happened today at two Kansas City Jewish Community Centers. The shooting took the lives of three people and critically injured another.

While much of the country has come together and asked for prayers for the victims and their families, certain less-than-sane groups are praising God for the butchery that took place this Sunday.

The anything but Baptist Westboro Baptist Church has audaciously claimed the shootings are a result of the sins of the Jews.

Just look at this picture they tweeted today:

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Which came with this tweet:

 And there was this:

Slamming “Passover”? That's not just hateful, it's stupid.

Not sure why Tammy Bruce was brought into this. Well, Westboro isn't either, so no need to overthink it.

Nothing like letting a Jewish publication know about your mockery of Jews being killed. That's professional-grade trolling.

And it goes on and on like that for seven tweets. Thankfully, only their nutjob followers gave them retweets. Oh yeah, and they are going to picket the funerals of those who were murdered.

Good news, though: last week in Moore, Oklahoma, the Westboro protesters were chased out of the city. Let's hope Kansas City follows suit.

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