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A 25-year-old identified as Kayvon Edson has been taken into custody after a twisted stunt which resulted in the bomb squad detonating a bag near the Boston Marathon finish line. It is the one year anniversary of the Boston Marathon bombing.

The bag contained a rice cooker and confetti, according to CBS Boston. The bombing last year was allegedly committed by two brothers who exploded pressure cookers inside bags near the finish line.

Edson was reportedly wearing a long black veil, and was barefoot and screaming “Boston Strong” while running down the street. Edson was stopped by police, when he told them he had a rice cooker in his bag. Police evacuated the area, brought in the bomb squad, and detonated the bag.

Business Insider reports that Edson's Facebook page lists him as a student at the Fashion Institute of Technology. He calls himself a performance artist and a “bloggorist.” Yesterday, he posted a picture of the one of the charged bombers, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, along with the caption, “Had a blast at the marathon!!!”

And it gets sicker: Business Insider also reports that a Facebook page entitled “Natural Selection” - which what he lists as his work - includes several pictures of the bombing suspects along with the caption “#SexyBomber” and a note which read “”Happy Anniversary, babe! Next time, I’ll cry a river for our love boat."

3 people were killed and 260 were injured last year in the bombing that rocked the nation. “Jokes” like this are shameful and disgusting, and those responsible should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

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