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The RNC tells IJReview that they are changing the game: The 2016 Republican primary debates will be driven by conservative journalists rather than representatives from mainstream media outlets, which has been the norm until now. 

The plan is for the RNC to select a committee today that will be confirmed tomorrow by the RNC members, and this committee will be in complete control of all the rules surrounding the debates. They will be responsible for determining the timing, location and media partners for the party's presidential primaries. They will also create penalties designed to dissuade candidates from participating in non-sanctioned debates.

In other words, this move from the RNC will prevent someone like ABC's George Stephanopoulos, a former Democratic political advisor, from singlehandedly beating up Republican candidates with bizarre questions like he did in 2012.

From RNC Deputy Press Secretary Raffi Williams:

“The plan is to have conservative journalists on the debate panel so that conservative activists will have a voice in determining who comes out of the Republican primary.”

As a result, the debates will be run by journalists who represent the views and concerns of conservative voters - not people who are actively working against us.

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