Man Buys Crib From a Garage Sale and Returns It For the Most Moving Reason

| MAY 10, 2014 | 1:36 AM

In July 2014, Valerie Watts and her husband were awaiting the birth of their son and prepared the nursery for his arrival. But something went wrong, and Valerie gave birth to a stillborn son. Stricken with grief, she couldn't bring herself to part with the baby's crib.

Recently, Valerie's family held a garage sale, where a man named Gerald noticed the crib and bought it. While Gerald and his wife were driving home, his wife explained to him the history behind the crib. Gerald was so touched by Valerie's story, he decided to return the crib — after a few alterations.

A week later, Gerald surprised Valerie with the refurbished crib - now a touching keepsake bench that immediately brought Valerie to tears. What a way to honor a mother and her child...

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