When a Woman's Car Was Set on Fire by Lightning, Two Brave People Rescue Her Before It Explodes

| MAY 14, 2014 | 9:54 PM

When Anna Smith's SUV stalled, she pulled over to call 911. As she waited for help to arrive, lightning struck her vehicle, causing flames to shoot from under the hood. In addition, the damage compromised the system operating the car's windows and locks. Anna found herself trapped.

Fortunately, a police officer and a teen were near the scene.  They smashed through the window on the passenger side of the car, and pulled Anna out. Minutes later the vehicle exploded.

Anna commented on her rescuers' heroic efforts:

“I feel like I had a guardian angel with me to get me out.”

It gives you faith in humanity to see stories like this. A woman is alive, thanks to the efforts of these two brave individuals who chose to take action, instead of just driving by a vehicle that was on fire.

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