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Did the gender wage gap-harping New York Times just fire its first female editor for complaining she was paid unfairly?

The debacle started when editor Jill Abramson was abruptly let go by the media company. The New Yorker then reported that the firing may have been a result of Abramson's complaints that her salary and benefits were “considerably less” than those of her predecessor, Bill Keller.

Accounts from people such as NPR media correspondent David Folkenflik confirmed that Abramson had recently learned her salary was much lower than Keller's and confronted her superiors over it, though it is unclear whether that directly led to her dismissal.

If it is connected to her firing, it definitely makes for an interesting story, since just last month, the NYT published “The Truth About The Pay Gap,” stating:

Women are the primary or co-breadwinner in 6 out of 10 American families. That makes the economic imperative of addressing the wage gap between women and men important, as is every step President Obama can take in that direction.


...But wage injustice matters to all Americans, regardless of party, and those who stand in the way of fairness do so at their political peril.

In other words:

Indeed, @chrislhayes, indeed.

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