Former Clinton Administration official Lanny Davis is all about damage control. In fact, his latest book is called Crisis Tales and it's all about his career helping important people out of very tough jams. So, it's no surprise that he's been mobilized to run interference for his long-time college pal Hillary Clinton.

Davis will be heading up something he calls “The Truth Squad,” and will position himself right outside the committee room where Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC) will be conducting his investigations into the events of the Sept 11th Benghazi attacks.

Davis joined me and my co-host, Brian Wilson on our morning radio show in Washington DC on WMAL Thursday morning. I thought it would be instructive to see how well versed the head of the “Truth Squad” was on some basic questions we all have on Benghazi.

I played audio of Gowdy asking open questions that he has still not gotten the answers to. Here's a brief review:

Gowdy: "Why were requests for additional security denied?

Davis: “The Senate Intelligence Committee found that there were mistakes and faulty judgments made by mid-level State Department people in denying extra security.”

I interjected and said, “We know that, but why?” Davis was unable to answer the question.

Gowdy: "Do you know whether the President called any of our allies (to help our men on the ground during the attack)?

Davis: “I don't know who the President called.”

Gowdy: "Why was Susan Rice picked (to go on the Sunday shows on behalf of the administration)?

Davis: “I don't know why.”

There were other moments of spin in the interview, most specifically with regard to the funding for the “Truth Squad” project. Davis said his partner in the effort is an advocacy group called “Correct The Record”, which is funded by the American Bridge 21st Century PAC.

Davis claimed, “They are funded by thousands of grassroots people all over the country,” said Davis. “It's a great organization, because all they do is put facts out, and that's really all I do.”

A quick look at the website for Correct the Record shows that they aren't really about “putting the facts out,” they are about protecting Democrats and attacking Republicans:

The next presidential election may be three years away, but Republicans’ relentless attack strategy has already turned its sights on Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, and other Democratic leaders.


In preparation for this, we are launching Correct the Record — a dedicated research and rapid response communications project to prevent Republicans from denigrating potential Democratic candidates with baseless attacks, while potential Republican candidates reinvent themselves and their records without scrutiny.

When I pointed this out to Davis he replied, “It's about Democrats. I'm a Democrat, and I'm for Hillary Clinton, if she runs for President. I don't disguise my partisan[ship]. I just want to focus on facts.”

If Thursday's interview is any indication of the strategy for Davis and the “Truth Squad” on Benghazi, it seems like they better have more compelling answers than “I don't know” when pressed for facts regarding the terrorist attacks and the subsequent cover-up.

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